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Nabonidus, the last king of Babylon, is regarded as the first archaeologist. He excavated the temples of his ancestors and unearthed the foundation stone of a building dedicated to Naram-Sin, the grandson of Sargon. hopes to continue in Nabonidus ground breaking footsteps; a 100% web enabled, centralized application for all excavation data.

The team that has worked very hard to produce is:
  • Sam Wood - Founder and Software Developer. Highly experienced field archaeologist with commercial systems and software development experience.
  • Ben Wood - Technical Lead. Certified in Microsoft Development technologies and methodologies with 10 years of commercial software development experience.
  • Danny Reyburn - Developer
  • Patricia Gonzalez - Information Architect
  • Isabel Hofman - Test Engineer
  • Dr Steven Ellis - Archaeological Expert Advisor, University of Michigan
  • Dr Myles McCallum - Archaeological Expert Advisor, University of Nevada
  • Aimee Scorziello - Archaeological Expert Advisor, Harvard University
  • Duncan MacKenzie - Expert Advisor
  • And a big thank you to all the PARPPS users who suffered the earliest versions of Nabonidus and helped to iron out (almost) all the bugs.
  • Nabonidus is slain by Gobryas on his return to Babylon
    The Nabonidus Chronicle, British Museum
    Detail of flagellation and a dancer from the fresco cycle at the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii
    Amphitheater, Pompeii
    The Cedar Pride, Jordon